Travel Insurance

Travel insurance ensures your comfort during the travels. You may choose economy or broad form coverage packages:
Economy package:                          
1. INFORMING BY TELEPHONE – This type of insurance covers such services as 7/24 information provision to meet natural needs of the Insured in emergency situations, providing addresses, telephone numbers of Physicians, Clinics, Drug-store, First Aid Statations suitable for complaints of the Insured and that will render medical service, providing medical consultation by telephone.  
2. BEARING MEDICAL COSTS – This coverage includes all the medical costs (therapeutic or surgical) required in cases regarded as insured event. 
3. MEDICAL EVACUATION SERVICE – This coverage includes the costs for transportation of the insured from the place of accident to Medical Center by an Ambulance, first medical aid, drug costs, in case of necessity placement of the Insured in hospital in cases deemed as insured event. 
4. REPATRIATION AFTER DEATH –includes the costs for repatriation of dead body to the permanent residence (the Republic of Azerbaijan) if the insured died during the travel. 
5. PROVIDING TRANSPORTATION OF VISITOR– costs of the relatives in connection with their travel to this country to visit the patient if the Insured stays in hospital more than 7 (seven) days will be paid by the Healthcare Management Organization. 
6. THE COSTS FOR STAY OF THE VISITOR – Healthcare Management Organization will pay the costs for accomodation of relative of the insured in 4* hotel for the period of maximum 7 (seven) nights including breakfast if the Insured is required to stay in hospital more than 7 (seven) days 
7. COSTS FOR STAY IN HOTEL AFTER DISCHARGE FROM HOSPITAL – If after discharge of the insured from the hospital it is advised by the treating physician and Medical Team of Healthcare Management Organization for control of health condition, the costs for stay in 4* hotel maximum for 7 (seven) nights including breakfast will be paid by the Healthcare Management Organization. 
8. RETURN OF THE CHILDREN OF THE INSURED TO THEIR PERMANENT RESIDENCE – Healthcare Management Organization will pay the costs for returning back of the children (by using existing tickets, if any) under control of accompanying person who are at 15 years of age or under 15 years of age, because of medical examination and treatment of the insured, who travelled together with the insured.
9. ARRENGING RETURN AFTER TREATMENT TO THE PERMANENT RESIDENCE – Healthcare Management Organization after treatment of the Insured will take all the required measures for return of the Insured to the permanent residence. Medical Team of Healthcare Management Organization and treating physician will advise whether health condition of the Insured is suitable for his/her transportation as an ordinary passanger: suitable transport for returning back (“EMS” vehicle, “EMS” by air, scheduled commercial flights and etc. ). 
10. RETURN OF THE FAMILY MEMBERS IN CASE OF DEATH OF THE INSURED TO THE PERMANENT PLACE OF RESIDENCE – In case of death of the insured during the travel if return of his/her family is not possible to the specified extent, Healthcare Management Organization will provide and pay for return of the family members to their permanent residence if they already have tickets by using their tickets.
11. UNEXPECTED RETURN OF THE INSURED TO THE PERMANENT RESIDENCE (IN CASE OF DEATH OF THE 1ST DEGREE RELATIVE) – If return of the insured is required in connection with death of the 1st degree relative of the insured in his/her country, Healthcare Management Organization will pay for “Economy class” ticket for return of the Insured to Azerbaijan (if any, by using the existing ticket) and arranges flight. The Insured shall submit the document proving death of his/her relative to the Insurance Company after returning back.  
12. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY OF INFORMATION – Healthcare Management Organization may in events they are capable to interfere themselves, immediately provide information together with the relatives, friends, and colleagues of the insured. For this purpose, a written request of the Insured will be needed. 
13. Administrative assistance – in case of lost of such important documents of the insured as passport, visa, air ticket, Healthcare Management Organization will assist to the Insured by giving necessary advices to which bodies they should apply in order to obtain the lost documents and other necessary advices. 
14. LOST OF OR DAMAGE TO BAGGAGE – If the baggage is lost while traveling abroad after registration and not found within a period (21 days) specified by the Aircompany, IPA will indemnify the Insured within the limits mentioned in Insurance certificate pursuant to damage or theft report of airlines. Such limits will be in the amount of 1 (one) percent of Insurance amount paid to each Insured.  
15. FINDING AND DELIVERY THE LOST BAGGAGE – Healthcare Management Organization will assit to the insured in filling the documents and give advise or assist in finding the lost baggage. If the baggage is found, Healthcare Management Organization will send this baggage to the permanent residence or to the address of the insured in a country, he/she traveled.