50/50 casco

50/50 Casco enables you to pay the insurance fee in parts. So, while insuring the vehicle you pay the first part of insurance fee when you sign insurance contract, the second part will be excluded from insurance amount paid to you when insured event occurs. If insured event does not occur, you will not pay any amount. 
Additional 50/50 Casco coverage!

1. Insurer gives free taxi service only for once if the usage of the vehicle is unable as a result of accident (limit 20 AZN) 
2. Coverage for taking the vehicle from the accidnet place to the repair service centre by evacuator, onıy once a year (limit 25 AZN) 

Required documents: 
•    Application form filled by the insured 
•    Copy of technical passport of a vehicle 
•    Copy of identification card of the insured 
•    Copy of driving license of the driver 
•    If the vehicle is driven under power of attorney, the copy of this power of attorney