HR policy of the company is based on the corporate values. Our policy aims at recruiting talents, training the personnel and ensuring their fast growth to achieve "Gunay Sigorta" leadership in relevant sector.

In the recruitment process company appreciates diversity in a person and believes that it is base for company's innovation and development.

Referring to wage equality, the company is committed to transparent recruitment policy. No national, religious, age, sex, racial or physical defect discriminations are allowed in recruitment process and day-to-day activities. The company's decisions in respect to Human Resources are only based on a talent's capacity and attitude to work.

Each employee is valued and respected as an individual. Interpersonal relations of employees and colleagues, their subordinates, other members rest upon respect.

The company provides great opportunities for career and professional development of its members. Members are assessed individually for position, experience, knowledge, and provided trainings, seminars according to the assessment results. Besides, efforts of any member are appreciated and remunerated fairly.

The company has the improved working conditions for its members to run activities in a convenient, healthy and safe environment.

Views and offers of employees are respected and taken into consideration in making decisions of great importance for the company. No restrictions are set up for innovative ideas, quite the opposite, we stimulate their implementation.

Employees are allowed to be independent within the given powers to execute their obligations and carry out any project at high level. The mentioned aspects are detailed in corporate Ethics Code.

The company maintains friendly working environment. Members are stimulated to work in a team spirit. We ensure an atmosphere for each employee to feel a member of "Gunay Insurance" family. 


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